140 Aha! Coffee Moments
From the Conference Room, to the Cafe, to the Kitchen
Written by Robert Galinsky
Creator of Coffee the Musical and the New York Reality TV School
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IMPORTANT: All of Robert's speeches and programs are customized. Robert works with you to understand your audience, your theme and your goals for the presentation. The following titles and concepts can be mixed and matched to create the perfect program for your audience. Ask about having Robert fully customize a program for your specific objectives or theme. AND don't forget to ask him to bring in an assortment of great coffees too! Click Here to Contact Robert

  1. Confident Communication Over Coffee

    Confidence in communication is the key to all success. Executive leaders, managers, salespeople, and organizations build stronger long lasting relationships and greater revenue streams when day to day communication is clear and honest, and when presentations (big or small) are delivered with positivity and confidence. Robert combines humor and easy to implement take aways with time tested concepts and original techniques through the 10 "Aha!" Coffee Moments for Confident Communication and the 7 Ground Rules of the Coffee Break. He uses the 'social spirit' of coffee to help all kinds of people to become better presenters and communicators. Attendees leave with actionable information that they can immediately use to improve their professional and personal lives.

  2. Coffee Crazy Unscripted Leadership

    The “Unscripted Leadership Ice Breaker” is an entertaining program that features Robert's interactive exercises and debriefs in order to hi-light and enhance leadership qualities, teamwork, and camaraderie amongst attendees. Robert Galinsky focuses and energizes participants to kick off the day with a refreshing and exciting look at the ‘qualities that drive our successes”. Through simple clear questions, written on actual coffee cups, Robert and team create valuable interactions to help attendees better connect with one another, maintain higher energy levels, reflect on content, and to kick off the day with inspiration.

  3. Coffee the Musical Unscripted Leadership

    This program kicks off with live performances of songs from Coffee The Musical, hi-lighting leadership qualities, teamwork, and camaraderie amongst attendees. After an opening number, sung by any number of Broadway stars (client choice per singer availability), each attendee is given a gift bag of freshly roasted coffee beans and also a coffee cup with fun and specific instructions for attendees to interact with one another. Robert then brings attendees back together for a debrief that includes animated discussion about the actual qualities of success and the wide array of experiences of the actual attendees in the room. The answers creates an astonishing self reflection of greatness, where attendees identify and are encouraged to relish in the attributes that make them successful.

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"Law firms and tech outfits keep hiring Mr. Galinsky... The moral he conveys: be yourself, to the max, only more so!"
- The Wall Street Journal

"He teaches you how to open the portfolio of yourself!"
- BBC Radio

"At a glance, reality television and small businesses have nothing in common. Robert Galinsky, a showbiz veteran with an entrepreneurial soul, is out to prove otherwise."
- Open Forum American Express

"I've attended many leadership and sale seminars and yours was the best I've attended in years. Completely different from anything I've experienced and I feel it will help me grow in both my job and personal life. A radically different, refreshing and effective approach to sales and leadership training. Thank you again Robert it was time VERY well spent!"
- Steven O'Brien, Senior Law Firm Client Development, Thomson Reuters Inc.